Finally, there is a durable slalom guide for those who want to teach their dog agility basics

To all agility fans,

Discover what's great about the JENNY BOW!

Easy to use and adjust thanks to the simple snap system. The transparent arch, in combination with the replaceable end pieces, is a smart and durable solution. With this solution it is also possible to repair your broken guides – kind to both your wallet and the planet. The product fits slalom poles with a diameter of 30-32 mm.

With the main focus on durability, the bows are made to last a long time. The transparent guides are made of flexible polycarbonate with high breaking strength and extra UV protection, which means that it does not turn yellow or become brittle over time. The innovation of this JENNY BOW is the detachable end pieces, made of carbon reinforced nylon, which improves the lifecycle of the product.

Already existing guides on the market are difficult to manufacture, resulting in brittle hooks. The idea behind JENNY BOW is to develop a more durable manufacturing method. 3D printing enables smart products with bigger complexity and easier modification opportunities. The JENNY BOW products are printed in a Markforged X7, designed and produced by Yovinn.

Re-cycle your broken guides

Injection molding tool in the making!

You might have noticed our empty stock? That is because we have big plans ahead and are now focusing 100% on making a tool to be able to meet higher demands. So stay tuned, JENNY bow 2.0 will be released this autumn!

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